488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 Spider is the latest chapter in Maranello’s ongoing history of open-top V8 sports cars, a story that started with the targa-top version of the 308 GTB - the immortal 308 GTS - and which ultimately resulted in the full convertible Spider architecture.

The 488 Spider’s dynamic behaviour is exceptional with the accent very much on the ease with which it can be driven on the limit. To achieve this engaging handling balance the mechanical set-up was honed in tandem with the electronic systems which now include the evolved version of Ferrari’s side slip angle control system (Side Slip Control 2 - SSC2). Over all, in fact, response times are 9% more rapid than the previous Spider.


The 488 has classic Ferrari mid-rear-engined sports car proportions: a short muscular front wing into which the bumper is wedged which lends the whole front of the car a sense of power and speed, and immediately draws the eye to to flanks featuring new side air intakes for the intercoolers. The motif of the subtle crease line that forms the scallops on the door leading to the intakes is a nod to the 308 GTB.


The 488 Spider has an innovative aerodynamic underbody that incorporates vortex generators, special curved aerodynamic appendages which accelerate the air thereby reducing pressure. The result is that the car’s underbody is “sucked” down to the ground and downforce is higher but drag is not. The front section of the underbody is flat, generating downforce, which pushes the car lower to the ground whilst having the smallest possible impact on the flow arriving at the front strakes.


The 488 Spider’s cockpit was designed to underscore Ferrari’s Formula 1-inspired philosophy of creating a seamless relationship between driver and car: the commands not clustered on the steering wheel are on the wraparound satellite pods which are angled directly towards the driver. The new lighter, horizontally more compact dashboard also curves around the cockpit and features ultra-sporty air vents.

Maximum Power 670 CV
at 8000 rpm
Maximum Speed >203 mph
over 325 km/h
0-62 mph 3 sec
0-100 km/h
Maximum Torque 561 lbs/ft
at 6750 rpm
Maximum Revs 8000 rpm


Type V8 - 90° Turbo – Dry Sump
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Maximum Power 670 cv (492 kW) @ 8000 rpm
Specific power output 172 cv/l (2,07 kW/cu in)
Maximum torque 760 Nm (561 lb ft) @ 6750 rpm
Maximum revs 8000 rpm
Dimensions and Weight
Length 4568 mm (179.8 in)
Width 1952 mm (76.9 in)
Height 1211 mm (47.7 in)
Wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in)
Front Track 1679 mm (66.1 in)
Rear Track 1647 mm (64.8 in)
Dry Weight 1420 kg (3020 lb)
Kerb Weight 1525 kg (3362 lb)
Weight Distribution 41.5% front – 58.5% rear
Fuel Tank 22.7 US gallon - 3.8 reserve
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