SF90 Stradale

The cars name encapsulates the true significance of all that has been achieved in terms of performance. The reference to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari underscores the strong link that has always existed between Ferraris track and road cars. A brilliant encapsulation of the most advanced technologies developed in Maranello, the SF90 Stradale is also the perfect demonstration of how Ferrari immediately transitions the knowledge and skills it acquires in competition to its production cars.

Smart Cooling Flow Management

The internal combustion engine, gearbox, turbo-charged air, battery pack and electric motors, the inverters and charging systems and brakes all need cooling. Meticulous attention was paid to the design of the engine bay which houses both the usual internal combustion engine systems that generate temperatures of nearly 900C, and highly temperature-sensitive electronic components.

Aeronautical cockpit

More compact overhangs (the rear one is shorter than the front one in particular) and the frontward-shift of the cabin have created a cab-forward-type architecture which emphasises the fact that the engine is mid-mounted. A very low centre of gravity has also allowed the designers to lower the cabin area by 20 mm. Combined with a more curved windshield, slender A-posts and a wide track, this creates a beautifully proportioned car with sleeker volumes. The compact bubble-shaped cabin has an aeronautical cockpit feel and the fact that it has been shifted so far forward is further emphasised by the geometry of the two body-coloured rear flying buttresses that enclose the rear.

Central instrument cluster

In a first for a Ferrari, the central instrument cluster comprises a single 16 digital HD screen which curves towards the driver to make it easier to read and to emphasise the F1-style wrap-around cockpit effect. This is the first time this type of screen has been adopted in a production car. When the engine and motors are off, the onboard instruments go black lending the cockpit a wonderfully sleek, minimalist look. In line with Ferrari tradition, the default screen is dominated by a large circular rev counter which, however, this time is framed by the battery charge indicator. The navigation screen is on one side of the rev counter with the audio control one on the other.

Maximum Power 769 Hp
at 8000 rpm
Maximum Speed 211 mph
340 km/h
0-62 mph 2.5 sec
0-100 km/h
Maximum Torque 590 lb-ft
Type V8 - 90 rpm


Type V8 - 90
Battery Capacity 7,9 kWh
Maximum Power Electric Motors 162 kW
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Maximum Power 780 cv @ 7500 rpm
Total Displacement 3990 cc
Maximum torque 800 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Gearbox F1 8-Speed Dual-clutch
Dimensions and Weight
Length 4710 mm
Width 1972 mm
Height 1186 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Front Track 1679 mm
Rear Track 1652 mm
Boot Capacity 74 L
Dry Weight 1570 Kg
Weight Distribution 45% ant - 55% post
Rear Shelf Capacity 20 l
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